SANGREMAL® MUSICA LATINA - De los centros de la luna / Rondadora - Disco: De Corazón Latino. Voces: Laura Rentería, Mario Rentería, Eduardo Verástegui, Sebastián Zavalza, Denisse Alcántar, Luis Humberto Benítez, Omar León. Guitarras: Sinhué Rivera, Fernando Cortés, Carlos Cortés, Laura Rentería. Bajo: Claudio Irrera Percusiones: Dany Ruiz, Armando Jiménez. Saxofón: Julio Alvarado. Cello: Francisco Mendoza. ARREGLOS: Laura Rentería, Mario Rentería, Denisse Alcántar, Sebastián Zavalza, Eduardo Verástegui, Claudio Irrera, Carlos Cortés, Sinhué Rivera. Producción: Carlos Cortés, Laura Rentería. Estudio: La Azotea. Grabación: Carlos Cortés. Mezcla y Master: Antonio Luna. Dominio público.


The group began in 2018, as an idea to carry out a family activity. Laura, Carlos, Mario and Fernando decided to get together once a week to explore music in a playful manner; given that three of them had experienced musical learning through the rigor of classical music. What has inspired them throughout their journey is the love that unites them, first as a family and then as an extended family.

Little by little and with the joining of friends and talents, the group is now a band; that although with different influences and schooling, has achieved homogeneity and solidity.

The group is originated in the city of Querétaro, QRO. The name "SANGREMAL®" is because it's the name of the place where city was founded, El Cerro de Sangremal. The famous Temple of La Cruz is currently located there.

Since there are nine singers, the group is predominantly polyphonic. The instruments used are: acoustic guitars, electric bass, transverse flute, saxophone, andean flutes, bongoes, congas, peruvian box, and other percussions.

The proposal that SANGREMAL® presents, celebrates and disseminates the enormous richness of Latin American music throughout time.

"Music is the heart of life. She speaks love; without it, there is no possible good and with it everything is beautiful"

~Franz Liszt

"Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul"

~Johann Sebastian Bach

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